Anthony DiCicco

a seasoned real estate virtuoso with over two decades of experience and a stellar track record of over $150 million in sales

Anthony DiCicco is an accomplished, top-producing real estate agent with a proven track record of excellence. With two decades of industry experience under his belt, Anthony has established himself as an expert in the field, accruing over 150 million in sales.

Anthony’s journey in the real estate industry began more than 20 years ago, during which time he honed his skills in handling investment properties, conducting renovations, and overseeing new construction projects. After building an impressive career, he earned his sales license 15 years ago and transitioned into the home sale market, representing buyers and sellers across Bucks, Montgomery, and Philadelphia areas.

Recognized as one of the top sales agents in the region, Anthony’s deep understanding of the industry and broad market knowledge have endeared him to a diverse range of clients—from first-time homebuyers & sellers to seasoned real estate investors. With an ability to provide insightful, well-informed advice on home pricing, renovation costs, and other critical areas, Anthony offers exceptional guidance to clients, helping them make well-informed real estate decisions.

His philosophy is centered on a strong commitment to client service. He prides himself on his dedication to achieving the highest possible selling price for his clients. Leveraging his vast experience, in-depth understanding of the market trends and his negotiating skills, Anthony continues to successfully achieve his client’s goals.

Anthony’s unique blend of extensive experience, unrivaled market knowledge, and commitment to outstanding client service has positioned him as a trusted and sought-after real estate agent in his region. His successful sales record is a testament to his capabilities, hard work, and dedication. As a seasoned professional, Anthony DiCicco continues to serve his clients’ real estate needs, setting new standards of excellence in the industry.